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3rd Annual US Virgin Islands Plant A Seed Challenge



Registration for the Third Annual Plant-a-Seed Challenge has begun. The 2023 “Plant a Seed” contest crop this year is Eggplant. Once again, I am challenging Virgin Islanders to have fun planting seeds and starting home gardens with their families. Each contestant who registers in one of the 4 age categories will receive Eggplants seeds and enough soil to germinate the seeds. Contestants must use the initial seeds and soil provided by the program. There are 4 different age groups- Group 1: Ages 5-10, Group 2: 11-13, Group 3: 14-17, and Group 4: Adults 18 years and older. Contestants in each group will be judged on the following criteria: A Journal uploaded at The journal must include the following:

  • The height of the plants every 4 weeks.

  • The total number and weight of eggplants produced.

  • The estimated value of the crop if sold in local stores.

  • Photos of the contestant

  • planting the seeds

  • transplanting the plant

  • taking care of the plant

  • harvesting and weighing the crops

Contestants will also receive points for the use of creative, recycled/reused materials. Cash and other prizes will be awarded to the winners in each group. All contestants will receive a participation certificate and a coupon for Armstrong Ice Cream. Contestants will have the opportunity to view an instructional video provided by the UVI Extension Service and participate in a WhatsApp group chat. The group chat will provide suggestions and guidance on what to expect from your crops as well as a vehicle for contestants to ask questions and share their experience throughout the contest.




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